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Legal mention

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This site is the property of Jérôme Payan - Loueurdappart

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Jérôme Payan AND Jomres.net
The purpose of these General Conditions of Use is to define the terms and conditions for the provision of the www.zeperfectplace.com and www.loueurdappart.com site and the conditions of use of the Services by the Internet user.

The General Conditions of Use apply to all access to and consultation of the Site by an Internet user.

Terms preceded by a capital letter are defined in the article "Definitions".

Personal User Account: designates the personal use account opened by an Internet user on the Site, by giving their e-mail and choosing a password. Other information that may be requested is optional. Personal User Accounts also require acceptance of these General Conditions of Use to be opened.

Professional User Account: designates the professional account opened by an Internet user on the Site. For legal persons, the Internet user who creates the Professional User Account must be duly authorized by the company he represents for the creation and management of the Account. When creating the Account, the Internet user gives their e-mail, choosing a password, name, brand, company name, registration number in the Trade and Companies Register, city, the postal code, address and telephone number of the company it represents, the transaction and / or management card number, the surname, first name and function of the natural person creating the account. Other information that may be requested is optional. Professional User Accounts also require acceptance of these General Conditions of Use to be opened.

General Conditions of Use: means these general conditions of use.

Personal and Professional User Account Space: is a secure space accessible on the Site, free for all Users, which brings together all of the information likely to be stored there (including creation of alerts, backups of favorites, account management, subscription newsletters, statistics in real time…).

Internet user: refers to any natural person who accesses the Website for private or professional use. For legal persons, the Internet user who creates the Professional User Account must be duly authorized by the company he represents for the creation and management of the Account.

Services: means all the services accessible via the Site.

Website or Website: refers to the interactive electronic service edited and operated by the company Bien’ici, accessible in particular at the address www.zeperfectplace.com, which allows access to the Services.

Company: means Jerome Payan

User: refers to any Internet user who registers on the Site to obtain a Personal or Professional User Account in the relevant User Account Space.

Zeperfectplace is a specialized reservation center for vacation rentals, apartments, gites and guest rooms. We provide travelers with the best booking experience in the world and provide owners with the most effective platform to maximize their sales. We facilitate the booking process by eliminating the waste of time, endless communications and therefore the frustrations of travelers and owners. We check that the owner is authorized to rent his apartment, his house, his studio, according to the standard and legalization in force.


Our solution allows travelers to instantly and securely book their next accommodation by credit card. Our team of advisers is available to answer all questions from travelers and owners 7 days a week to guarantee unparalleled service.

Zeperfectplace is made up of professionals and passionate about vacation rentals. Our team collaborates with d'Abritel, HomeAway, Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnbn.com, Tripadvisor.com. Our team knows your needs well, we are all owners and passionate about welcoming customers and our destination cities.

For more information, please feel free to contact us


In detail :

We provide an online platform which allows:

Individuals: find rental offers and take advantage of the various associated Services;
To professionals and individuals, or property managers: to distribute their rental offers and benefit from the various associated Services.
Certain Services are made available to Internet users without the need to create a Personal or Professional User Account. Thus, the Search services for rental offers for individuals are accessible to Internet users without creating a Personal User Account.

However, some Services are only accessible if a User, Personal or Professional Account, as the case may be, is created. This is the case for certain Services relating to individuals (point a) and all the Services relating to professionals (point b).

The User can create his account either on the Site, or via Facebook, via Gmail (using his usual identifiers on these sites), or simply by registering with a valid email address

Professional user account

The Professional User Account allows the Internet user to access various Services offered by the Site, in particular to:

Subscribe to our service, depending on the options they want
Develop and create your online advertisement, add detailed descriptions, photos, prices
Please note: before posting online, we will ask the professional for proof of ownership or other authorization prior to posting online. In addition, we will check the rental possibilities according to city law.
Access your dashboard
View real-time traffic statistics generated for each of its ads (views, email contacts)
View on a map the location of all the advertisements being published or not published
Manage and modify your ads (when they do not come from an automated feed)
Recover lost password: allows the User to request a new password which will be sent to the e-mail address he has entered
Authorized uses
The Internet user or, in general, any third party, natural or legal person, is not authorized to use the Services and the Site for purposes other than for the purposes set out in 3.1 and 3.2 above.

The use of automated systems or software to extract data from the Site for commercial purposes or those not authorized by the Company is prohibited.

The Company reserves the right to (i) set up any protection system it deems useful to prevent or stop any automated or non-automated system or software and / or any action aimed at extracting or collecting any data from the Services and the Site , and (ii) bring any action or claim necessary to prevent, terminate and penalize any infringement of their rights to the Services and the Site, including in the context of legal proceedings, and without setting prior notice.

The Internet user acknowledges having read these General Conditions when consulting and using the Site and expressly declares that they accept them without reservation.

These General Conditions may be subject to modifications, the applicable Conditions are those in force and accessible on the Website on the date of access to the Website by the Internet user.

The Internet user acknowledges having the skills and means necessary to access and use the Site, having verified that the computer configuration used by him does not contain any virus and that it is in good working order.

The Services are freely accessible online on the Company's Website.

The Company makes its best efforts to make the Site available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the maintenance operations of the Site and / or Servers and / or the Website. As such, the Company is bound by an obligation of means.

The Company reserves the right to modify, interrupt, at any time, temporarily or permanently all or part of the Site without prior notice to Internet users and without the right to compensation, the Company cannot be held responsible for the consequences resulting from such interruptions or modifications.

More generally, the Company reserves the right to make any changes of any kind to the content of the site.


Internet users and Users agree to use the Site and the Services in accordance with the provisions of these General Conditions of Use.

Internet users and Users agree not to use the Site and / or the Services:

for illicit purposes, contrary to public order or to accepted principles of morality,
in violation of the provisions of applicable laws or regulations or the rights of a third party,
for purposes likely to cause loss or damage of any kind,
for purposes that do not comply with the rules for using the Services as set by the Company in its General Conditions of Sale for Professional Users.
In this respect in particular, the advertisements posted online must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, be lawful and in accordance with good morals, respect public order and not cause damage of any kind. The advertisements must also comply with the criteria for the publication of advertisements, set by the Company in its General Conditions of Sale for professional users.

The Company reserves the right to suspend access to the Services (to Internet users and Users), to delete the content concerned without delay and to terminate the Personal or Professional User Accounts, of Internet users and Users (as the case may be) who have infringed the provisions of these General Conditions of Use and in particular those referred to above, notwithstanding the compensation of the Company for all the damages suffered.

The Company is the holder or the concessionaire of the intellectual property rights of the general structure of the Website, as well as of the content expressly designated as being "well-here source".

However, the Company is neither owner nor responsible, for any reason whatsoever and even if it is the licensee of intellectual property rights, of all the other content on the Site (in particular announcements, texts, slogans , graphics, images, videos, photos, and other content), the responsibility of which lies exclusively with their owners (in particular advertisers - agencies or property managers who are the authors of published offers, or the various data providers).

Any representation, reproduction, modification, distortion and / or total or partial exploitation of the Website and / or its content (whoever it is) and / or the Services, by any process whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, without the express prior authorization of the Company or the author of the content, as the case may be, is prohibited and constitutes acts of copyright infringement.

The brands, logos, corporate names, acronyms, trade names, signs and / or domain name of the Company, its various partners mentioned on the Website, as well as advertisers, allowing access to the Services made available by the Company, constitute distinctive signs that cannot be used without the express prior authorization of their owner.


Processing of personal data
The Company, as data controller, implements personal data processing for the purpose of managing customer relations and / or with persons wishing to create an account on the site or request information.

The Internet user or the User is informed and accepts that their data will be processed for the aforementioned purpose.

This processing is necessary for the execution of a contract to which the data subject (the Internet user or the User) is a party, or for the execution of pre-contractual measures taken at the latter's request.

These data are intended for the Company, data controller, authorized personnel, its possible subcontractors and partners and are kept for the duration of the execution of the contract and during the limitation period of actions for liability and legal guarantees and contractual. The data can also be processed for commercial prospecting purposes and this for a period of 3 years from the end of the commercial relationship unless the customer objects.

These data may be transferred outside the European Union, to subcontractors in the United States adhering to the Privacy Shield, guaranteeing a sufficient level of protection.

The Internet user or the User has the right to query, access, rectify, erase and portability of their data; as well as a right to limit processing. Anyone concerned also has the right to object on legitimate grounds and the right to oppose commercial prospecting. In addition, everyone has the right to formulate specific and general directives concerning the storage, erasure and communication of their post-mortem data.

These rights can be exercised with the Data Protection Officer (DPO) by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL), the supervisory authority responsible for compliance with obligations with regard to personal data.


The Site has been designed to meet the needs of Internet users and Users. It works with cookies.

Read the cookie use policy.


The information given on the Site is not contractual. The visuals linked to the advertisements are published under the responsibility of the advertisers. The illustrations necessary for the presentation of new programs, current or future constructions, are non-contractual and atmospheric. To report an anomaly to online content, you can write to us here.

The Internet user or User is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Website and the Services which he accesses from the Website.

The Company cannot in any case be held responsible within the framework of a procedure brought against the Internet user or the User who is guilty of a non-conforming use of the Website and / or Services it provides.

The Internet user or User acknowledges and accepts in this respect that they will make their personal matter of any claim or procedure brought against the Company, due to the non-conforming use by them of the Services and / or the Website.

In any event, the Company cannot be responsible for:

in the event of unavailability of the Services for reasons such as the failure of the public electricity network, the failure of cable telecommunications networks, the loss of connectivity to the Internet network due to public or private operators, in particular the Internet user or the User, the causes of which arise in particular from strikes, storms, earthquakes or any other cause having the characteristics of force majeure;
in the event of use of the Services by an Internet user or a User under conditions which do not comply with the terms of these General Conditions of Use;
within the limits of current legislation, for any indirect damage, including in particular loss of profit, data or any other loss of intangible property, even if the Company has been informed of the potential for such damage, which may arise (i) from the use or inability to use the Services (ii) following access to said Services by an Internet user or an unauthorized User.
The Company cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of any kind whatsoever relating to the computer equipment of the Internet user or the User, as well as their Internet access connection, when accessing the Website. and more generally to Services. More particularly, the Company cannot guarantee the Internet user or the User of the Services on:

Site access speed issues

The termination of a Personal or Professional User Account results in the termination of the provision of the Services requiring a Personal or Professional User Account.

The invalidity of any clause of the General Conditions of Use does not affect the validity of the other clauses; it continues in the absence of the canceled arrangement unless the canceled clause makes the continuation of contractual relations impossible or unbalanced compared to the original agreements.

Any complaint must be addressed to the Company via the contact forms available on the Site.

The headings worn at the head of each article serve only for the convenience of reading and can in no case be the pretext for any interpretation or distortion of the clauses to which they relate. In case of difficulty of interpretation or contradiction between the content of a clause and its title, the latter is deemed unwritten.

These General Conditions of Use are subject to French law. Any dispute of any kind whatsoever, relating to the application of these General Conditions and the use and consultation of the Site, must, in the absence of an amicable agreement between the parties, be brought before the French Courts only competent.

In addition to the other information referred to in these General Conditions of Use, it is indicated that: ul li the Company only puts in contact, according to the methods described in these General Conditions of Use, professionals (real estate agencies or property managers) and individuals with a view to the possible conclusion of a rental of property. The Company does not intervene in disputes that may exist between the individuals and professionals mentioned above. The Company is not a party to their direct contractual relationship.

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